Friday, 6 September 2013

I've been doing quite a lot of chub fishing on the River Douglas lately. Usually I fish for about two hours and pack up when it goes dark. I've been doing quite well, none of the fish have been big even for this river, but they're good fun to catch and some of the takes are savage. I've also found a couple of new swims. The one below has produced a fish every time, I fish just off the overhanging tree. I don't use any ground bait when I fish this river, which might surprise some. I use a big piece of meat and rove around spending no longer than twenty minutes in each swim. I may catch more if I use groundbait, but I'm too lazy to do so and the fish can be quite spooky in this river.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Chub and Carp

I've been doing quite a bit of river fishing lately hoping to catch an even bigger barbel than the one I previously caught. I've had no barbel yet, but plenty of chub and one eel. They put up a really good fight on a 1.25lb avon rod, and some of the takes can be very savage. Meat is by far the best bait I have used on this river, it sorts out the big chub from the smaller fish. Recently with bread I've ended up with lots of taps from small fish, probably dace or chublets. I'll continue fishing in search of a barbel.

I've also been doing a bit of carping lately, unsuccessfully though. The waters I'm fishing are quite hard so blanks are to be expected. I did catch one fish, a stunning 14lb carp, but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it.

This morning I decided to fish a fairly easy water where I usually catch. I arrived at sunrise and carp were moving everywhere. The whole lake was alive with them crashing and bubbling away. It's didn't take long to hook into my first fish, a welcome common carp.

Not longer after the other rod went and I was into a small mirror carp. When I had unhooked the fish, my other rod tore off. There was a snag nearby so I left the fish on the mat and steered the carp into the open water. I got my landing net, with the previous carp in it, and managed to land the second fish. Both fish were in the net, so I took the photo you can see below.

The next fish I caught was the biggest, a 14lb common. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Few recent captures

I went carp fishing on Saturday and Sunday. I really don't like fishing in this hot and sunny weather. As predicted lots of fish were cruising on the surface but I couldn't catch any on a zig which usually produces at this place. I managed two on Saturday and one on Sunday, and I also lost one. They were all low doubles taken on pop-ups.
This morning I fished a different carp venue. I've fished it seven times now and only had one fish. It is a hard lake but the fish are old warriors over twenty pounds that are worth catching. It's around 6 acres with lots of features, and it's silty as well as weedy. I've started using chods rigs and recently I've been fishing into a gully. It's around 3-4 foot deep and shallows up to a couple of inches either side.

I set up and before the alarms were turned on I got a very aggressive run. It could have easily been a carp, or maybe a duck diving down on my bait since there were quite a few in the swim. A few hours later I got another strange run. The line bobbin lifted up like a line bite so I slackened it off again to see what would happen. It came straight back up so I lifted the rod and I could tell straight away it was a pike. It fought hard and as soon as it was in the net I could tell it was a big fish, much bigger than any pike I've had. The Reuben Heatons read 20lb 12oz, my first fish over 20lbs, although I can't really count it. It was quite lean and I think it could easily make 23-25lbs in the winter. I'll definitely be returning to this place with the pike gear.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Some carp

I woke up at 4am this morning and I was on the bank for and fishing for 6am. I decided to fish an easy water where I knew I would have a few fish (I'll be fishing an incredibly hard estate lake soon, so I have plenty of time for blanks). The best swim was free and the wind was blowing into it. I clipped up and cast both rods out close to the large overhanging trees present. I put out a few boillies with the throwing stick and I started getting liners which helped my confidence. It took around an hour for my first run which was a fish of around 10lbs. Not long after that I had another of a similar size on the same rod.
It then started raining, this carried on throughout the day in brief intervals and the fishing seemed to become much slower. The wind also changed direction which I'm sure didn't help. I did land another fish, an even smaller one which I didn't photograph and I also lost two more. I'll probably be back on tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hopefully a few updates to come

I haven't been fishing much lately but over the next few weeks I'll be out a lot more. I'm planning to do some carping and a lot of fishing on my local river after the 16th. I've just got back from a session on my local canal and I had quite a few small silvers. I'll probably be back on there tomorrow and also might do some lure fishing.